Dr. Aill R. Harris, II

Pastor Aill R. Harris, Jr. is the organizer and Senior Pastor of The Abundant Life Church of Natchitoches, Louisiana.  He is the CEO of Charissma Ministries.  He’s a fourth-generation preacher, and has been preaching the Gospel for two decades. 


Pastor Harris is a powerful, profound and passionate preacher of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  He is highly sought after as an evangelist in churches around the nation.  In conjunction, he is frequently asked to speak at conferences and on campuses in various places.  Also, Pastor Harris is a prolific songwriter and musician with several inspirational projects to his credit.


Pastor Harris is committed to the will, Word, and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  His daily objective is to mimic the life of Jesus as a disciple; model the life of Jesus as a Christian; and mold the lives of others as a Pastor.  It is his prayer that, through this endeavor, others will hear Jesus more clearly, follow Jesus more nearly, and love Jesus more dearly!


Pastor Harris lives with his wife, Lisa Ann Harris, and their children in Natchitoches, Louisiana.



Where Life Is New, Eternal & ABUNDANT
Where Life Is New, Eternal & ABUNDANT